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Thank you for your interest in working with What’s Doing? Tampa Bay. Since my first blog post in September 2010, WDTB has helped Moms and Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas, and families visiting the Tampa Bay area find fun, kid-friendly, family events and activities to enjoy together.

Helping Families Spend More Quality Time Together
WDTB readers are primarily Moms who live in Florida. The majority reside in Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties. Our readers are typically women age 25-44, with children, who have received some college education and access our website from their home computers.

— Blog Stats
Averages are figured over the past 6-month period.
• Average Unique Visitors: 24,267/mo.
• Average Number of Visitors: 53,793/mo.
• Average Page Views (2.6 pgs/visit): 120,091/mo.
Facebook Followers: 2,820+
Twitter Followers: 740+


Opportunities to Get Your Business/Service on WDTB:
WDTB would love to help connect you with active Tampa Bay area parents. Of course, I publish events that I feel fit within my blog’s focus for FREE. Either I will find your event by luck and chance, or you can e-mail the details and flyer to me at whatsdoingtampabay @gmail to guarantee I know about it. If I choose to put your event on WDTB, you will either receive a WDTB Calendar listing (I don’t have time to write up every event, so I have to be choosy), or you will get a full written event post.

NOTE: Events receive a FREE post and/or calendar listing based on how well I feel your event fits my blog’s kid-friendly, family event focus. To qualify, your event must clearly show some game/activity specifically designed to entertain children. If I have any doubt about the kid-friendliness of your event, I may choose just to publish your event on the WDTB Calendar, or not to publish it at all.


However, if you want MORE control over if/when your event is published and MORE guaranteed exposure for your event overall, I offer a $25 option that gives you just that:
Control over publish date: YOU decide what day your event post publishes
— 234×60 ad in sidebar (supply ad as .JPG or .PDF file)
— Additional mentions on social media (Twitter, Facebook)
Only $25/month

NOTE: I reserve the right to turn down an offer to advertise any event if I feel the event/business/organization does not fit within my blog’s kid-friendly, family focus.
Contact me at WhatsDoingTampaBay@

Receive a written post about your family-friendly product/event with a giveaway to WDTB readers. This is a FREE service when I am receiving a product/tickets for myself and my family to keep and enjoy (or $15 if you prefer not to provide a product/tickets), and you will need to provide at least one product or one pair of tickets to give away.
— Written post reviewing your product or letting families know about your event
— One link to your business/organization page within the post
— Facebook mention at time of posting
— Twitter mention at time of posting
— Listing on WDTB Calendar (for events only)
— Link to giveaway page with photo in WDTB sidebar under “Giveaways”

I can also provide you with a sponsored page where your business/organization can reach WDTB readers on a page specifically targeted to a topic of interest to parents:
Birthday Parties: One-time $25 fee ($5 additional to include a photo) to be added to the list with a link to your website’s Birthday Party page
— Children’s Camps: Paid Camps: $15/season (winter, spring, summer) to be included in the list with a link to your website ($5 additional to add a photo); FREE Camps receive a FREE listing

Companies I Have Worked With:
WDTB has worked with several companies to bring our readers the best kid-friendly, family-friendly products and promotions, including:

Haddad Brands • Heely • Cone Marketing • PartnersHub • Chick-fil-A • Lemke Anderson • Ansira: Engagement Marketing • PrintRunner • DealChicken • Copy-Kids • Party City • AirHeads • Fun Pasta Fundraising – The Pasta Shoppe • TilsonPR • Minted • Pep Boys

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Disclaimer: The information presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge when I publish each event. However, event hosts can reschedule, change or cancel any event at any time. Consequently, I highly recommend both calling ahead and having a back-up plan.