Are You Looking for Ways to Keep Your Kids Away from the TV and Video Games This Summer?

As parents, this is a challenge we face year-round, but more that ever during the long, hot summer months. In my near constant search for new activities to engage my daughter, I happened upon this Get To Know Contest. The whole purpose of this contest is to get kids outdoors so that they can be inspired by nature to create something original. Wow! Sometimes having a purpose — a reason to endure the heat — can be the biggest obstacle to getting out the door. Now that there is a mission to accomplish, it’s time to take the first step … round up the kids, spray them with sunscreen, fill a cooler with plenty of water, and head out to the back yard, a nearby park, the beach …

Once outside, however, creativity sometimes needs a nudge. This fantastic post on Christie Burnett’s blog Childhood 101 blog titled “Kids Art: 20 Ways to Get Arty Outdoors” (written by Cath Oehlman aka SquiggleMum) lists fun outdoor art activities that use paint, pencil, sculpture and — best of all — nature! But a journal, camera or the video camera may be all your children need to create something unique and inspired.

Go ahead … let them get arty! Then enter their creations in the contest. Here’s how:

2012 Get to Know Contest: Connect, Create, Celebrate
Get To Know Contest Theme is "Get To Know Your Wild Neighbors"
Create some original works of art, writing, photography, videography and music inspired by nature because the theme of this year’s Get To Know Contest is “Get to Know Your Wild Neighbors.” The goal here is to be as creative as possible while having fun and letting the natural world inspire you. Kids age 19 and younger are invited to enter in one of the following categories:
— Art
— Writing
— Photos
— Video
— Music

NOTE: Entrants must be US residents, except for the video category, which will accept entries from all countries.

Entries must be received by no later than 11:59 p.m. PST on July 16, 2012, but you may enter as many categories as you like, so the sky’s the limit on this contest.

Want to know more about this contest? Visit the Get To Know Contest website for further details, full contest rules, and a list of prizes.

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